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Frequently asked questions (below the fold): Q: What is this?A: It's the eighth novel in the Laundry Files, a series of books and stories about the rather bureaucratic secret British government agency for protecting us from extradimensional horrors.As punishment, Caine's "Father" cursed him with a mark, and cast him out to wander in darkness in the Land of Nod. She notices a swirling stain in the air around him, a mark of some dark unfathomed power: murder.He possessed the power to kill higher beings -- not to hunt as Adam have, but to kill as had Jehovah.Like his Biblical namesake, he is the firstborn son of Adam and Eve and the older brother of Abel and Seth.

Using this gift, he thought he killed Abel in an act of love when it was really an act of hate.

After becoming a vampire, the letter 'e' was added to the end of his name.

Before the formation of the Camarilla, most vampires referred to themselves as "Cainites" in recognition of their patriarch.

He used this gift to make pride out of shame, which resulted in being outcasted.

The Gangrel scholar Beckett is also known for interpreting the Caine mythology as a conflict between farmer and hunter tribes.

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Because it has a different publisher in the UK (Orbit), The Delirium Brief won't officially be out until Thursday—but I gather it's already on sale in many branches of Waterstones.

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