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Franke III ``Beyond 30 Degrees West: `The Magazine of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Fact & Fiction (two covers)-Laurence Dunn Where assembled: Oak Park, Pleasant Home Front cover: Furnished by Ken Manson; sketch by Czech artist Milan Fibiger with his take on Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan Back cover: Back cover of French film magazine ``Cinemonde, from April 22, 1947, showing Johnny Weismuller from ``Tarzan Triumphs and the basis of Milan Fibigers sketch on the front cover Number of pages: 63 List of contents: Merriam-Websters Word of the Day for July 11, 2009, which is ``weird, and an example of its use is from ``A Princess of Mars -Joan Bledig ``Jodades: `Under the Covers, Who Did the front and back illustrations: `Ken Finds Another ERB Connection (photo with actress Sally Kellerman, Ilona of ``The Circus TV episode with Ron Ely); `Visitors from the East see Muckers (photos of Doug Denby and David Critchfield); `Report on the 2009 Dum-Dum in Dayton; `In Memoriam-Bruce `Abner Perry Wood; `Even more photos of Muckers eating-Ken Manson ``The Cry of the Red Hawk: `Tarzan Funnies and page of photos of Jim Hadac and others-Jim Hadac ``Error Box (story)-Lee Strong ``Jeffrey Jones art for `I Am a Barbarian-Henry G.

; Tarzan: The Garden of Death; Tarzan comic strip from Jan. 28, 1985, on Tree Studios tenant)-Jeff Long ``The Four Hardest Tarzan Autographs to Find (Tablar, Pollar, Merrill, Morris) (photos of signatures)-Jerry Spannraft ``ERBane Comments: Alpha Males (and Females), `Son of Tarzan (and other movies) come to DVD-Dave Gorecki ``Jahlanna of Pellucidar by Tony Phillips (original art)-courtesy of David Critchfield Article, ``Los Angeles Times, Dec.Two members of the film crew were killed during production.One Mexican crew member was crushed by a motorboat whilst Angel Garcia, a stunt diver who doubled for Tarzan's high dive, was killed after he survived the dive but was swept by the surf into the rocks of the cliffs.142 Number of pages: 61 List of contents: ``And Now for Something Really Different (All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts, with pages of `Tarzan and Jane coloring book)-Joan Bledig Article, ``Patrick Rowley: Tarzan Yell May Hold Lesson for Todays Kids (from Wichita Eagle) and KTM R 125 Tarzan(motorbike produced in Upper Austria starting in 1957)-Dr.James Thompson ``Beyond 30 Degrees West: End of the Line (about Wayne James and Danton Burroughs deaths)-Laurence Dunn ``The Mucker of Mars(illustration of `Mc Clurg book)-Jeff Long True cases from Chicagos 28th Precinct Police Station (1913 to 16 in Billy Byrnes neighborhood)-Long ``Akur searches for reading material while in London (Ape demands Tarzan book in `From Beyond the Unknown comic cover)-Long ``Muckers Rule West Side: Billy Byrne Sought in Saloon Keeper Slaying (Aug.

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  2. This communication is a review of recent evidence of human activity during the middle stone age in the area of Western Carpathians (Fig. Current research of Mesolithic in the area of Northern Slovakia Information s about the Mesolithic settlements in Slovakia are random. 1 - Mucharz; 2 - Sułkowice-Gościbia; 3 - Lipnica Wielka; 4 - Spišská Belá-Vyšná zákruta II; 5 - Spišská Belá- -Hoher Rand. Techno-typological structure of the inventory is as following: 10 blades (Fig. 7: 3) should be exposed, both made of Cracow-Jurassic flint. All around there were raw material fragments and typologically identical chipped industry made of honey-yellow to orange-coloured radiolarite. Presented results suggest the importance of cattle and sheep in the animal husbandry, the increasing occurence of horse and the low frequency of pig bones within the kitchen refuse of studied agrarian village.