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I didn't realise how much money from these went back to the government, I had hoped any excess would be ploughed back into road maintenance, safety and public transport but obviously not I'll be sending my feelings to my MP via Fax your MP and I hope others will be doing the same!

This press release from the Cambridge Safety Camera partnership announced in April 2002 that 100 people would be saved from death or serious injury by their cameras.

The Sussex, England police are trying to suppress publication of images from speed cameras -- images that show technical shortcomings in the cameras -- by claiming that they are copyrighted.

Copyright is meant to protect creativity; I'm not sure who the aggrieved artist is meant to be here.

The RAC has written to partnerships in Cambridge and Peterborough, Merseyside, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Sussex, Thames Valley and Warwickshire.

Overall, the data analysed showed that speed cameras were having a positive effect on accident statistics by around 27 per cent.

Presumably therefore the Safety Camera Partnership, who really should know, don't believe it made any effect.

Maybe we should point that out to our local councillors?

You also need to know about such things as location, siting and visibility of cameras – not to mention some of the dirty tricks which lie in wait for you.

Motoring organisation the RAC has written to seven different local authorities, warning them of speed cameras at sites which have seen a marked increase in the rate of accidents and collisions.

The action comes in the light of new research carried out by the RAC foundation, which casts doubt on the usefulness of speed cameras as a road safety tool.

Conicidentally the cost of the police duplicating the tape is around £60, roughly the same as the fine for speeding in the first place.

If the tape shows proves your innocence then the police will drop the case, but it's not clear if they'll refund the 'charge' for obtaining the evidence.

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