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The grifter directs his victim to a local florist — who he knows — and then they share the profit.

And potential victims are lining up for many of these cons: 20% percent of the "swindler" profiles received at least 70 message before being deleted.

Shares of the company have been traded as low as 3.6 yuan (0.5 US dollars), down 48 percent, and closed 18.62 percent lower at 5.68 yuan (0.9 US dollars) on The National Equities Exchange and Quotations, China's over-the-counter stock market for start-ups.

The plunge follows the tragic suicide of We Phone founder Su Xiangmao on September 7th, 2017.

The most ingenious of the Jiayuan scams starts when the owner of a fancy restaurant hires an attractive woman, who then makes a dating profile.Particularly around the Chinese New Year period, when people reunite with their families, the pressure to be in a relationship with someone increases, especially as the period also falls near to the Western occasion of Valentine's Day.To further combat the spate of fake accounts across China's online dating scene, the CAC will also require dating site members to prove their true identities from now on, including members who have already signed up to the website."Whether the real name registration for the matchmaking industry would eradicate violations still needs to be tested over time but it could remind users to protect their private information when registering on these websites," said Shi Xiansheng, deputy secretary at the Internet Society of China.The authors of the study analyzed more than 500,000 profiles, drawn from Jiayuan's 100 million users, which the site's employees had flagged as scam accounts.And while by far the most popular of these scams — fake profiles promoting escort services — will be familiar to anyone who uses Tinder in the U.

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