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Roman, Vladimir, and Svyatoslav recruited Turkic Cumans and plundered the countryside and Halych itself, where Daniil and city were preparing for a battle.Daniil and Halychians won and captured the three brothers and expelled them to Hungary.

See Dimnik, was a pan-Rus'ian phenomenon, a remnant of tribal composition of Slavic society, all-inclusive, and performed a function parallel to that of the princes.

A notable exception is Peter Golden's work on pre-Mongol Eurasia and the Khazar Empire, some of which is cited later in this paper.

“Political culture” is an “activity through which individuals and groups in any society articulate, negotiate, implement and enforce the competing claims they make upon another and upon the whole.… Kovalev, more than 75 percent of all silver deposited in eastern Europe during the tenth century was struck by the Samanid rulers of Transoxiana and was intended for the northern trade.

See I do not mean to downplay the role of agriculture in Transoxiana, but rather to emphasize that both commerce and agriculture were important, and that they could, and did, facilitate different patterns or alliances of political interests.

Available evidence points to a sustained and expansive use of land.

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