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The perfect example of ISFJ loyalty, Brienne lives to serve and protect those worthy of her trust and respect, and pity on those who would dare try to hurt them.

Olenna plays the part of the feeble old lady in public.

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While other characters squabble for political gain, or flee south from the true threat of the White Walkers, Bran leads his party north towards certain danger, so that he might discover his true identity.Her intuition led her into a bonfire that gave birth to three dragons, and her confidence in her own moral conscience led to the liberation of Slaver’s Bay.Daenerys reveals her ENFP stripes in many ways- inspirational speeches, revolutionary goals- but none more revealing than her belief that she could climb onto the back of Drogon and, with no special training, become the first dragon rider in more than a century. Each purchase includes a phone interpretation of your results from a certified professional.For help with your career search, check out our career test section, or for help with college based assessments, check out our college test section.

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