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It took a surprisingly long time for a definitive list of Scottish hills in the range 2000-2500 feet to appear, but in the 1997 edition of Munro's Tables the SMC adopted the list of Grahams that Alan Dawson had published in 1992.Of Dawson's other Scottish lists, the Murdos (1995) and the New Donalds (1995) were motivated by a desire to bring objectivity to the classification of Munro Tops and Donalds.This was followed by Graham Tops and Grahamists (2004). The last four publications, and three similar ones listing the Hewitts of England, Wales and Ireland, were published by TACit Press but the majority are now out of print.In June 2010 Dawson created the Simms (Six-hundred Metre Mountains; originally called Sims) by combining the Murdos, Corbett Tops, Graham Tops and Hewitts and lowering the height threshold to 600m.Breaking new ground was Corbett Tops and Corbetteers (1999).

The Munros were joined by the Corbetts and Donalds and became well known thanks to their publication in Munro's Tables.

Some lists are not exact subsets due to discrepancies between lists.

Islands having at least 30m drop or 30 hectares area excluding sea stacks; see SIBs * The Isle of Man is included in the listings of British Marilyns, Humps, Tumps and Deweys, but not in Simms, Dodds, Hewitts, Nuttalls or SIBs.

Hill Bagging does not return the fields with absolute grid reference, latitude/longitude (except by reading off the map) or revision date, but gives additional fields for Catchment and Watershed, and links to photographs on the hill summits website.

Hill Bagging is continuously updated with changes to lists and data and is therefore the most up to date.

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