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Any upcoming shows will be mentioned in their myspace Blogs, and the best place to check is on the Tourdates section of the band's official website: Tiger The easiest way to describe Psychobilly is to say it's a mixture of Rockabilly and Punk.

(Of course any new dates will also be posted here on the tourdates section) If you hear about a show that is not in either of those places, it means one of two things: 1) the show has just been confirmed, and it will show up on the website in a matter of days at the most, or 2) it is FALSE. (as of September 20, 2006) Tiger Army have studio time booked for Fall of 2006 so hopefully it will be released in early 2007. Some debate exists as to exactly when/where it started the term possibly comes from the Johnny Cash song One piece at a time in reference to a Psychobilly Cadillac.

In 1995 Nick started Tiger Army without a permanent drummer but borrowed the services of Adam Carson for their early live shows and Adam also played drums on the 1st Tiger Army 7 Temptation as well as the first full length album.

Geoff later joined in Tiger Army in 1998 playing stand up bass and was with the band until leaving in August of 2004.

I didn't really start going by it regularly until I moved to the East Bay in 1994.

There was a guy named Nick Dog that was friends with Rancid and it became a quick and easy way to distinguish, like on the phone: "I'm here with Jade and Nick 13." (From their myspace FAQ) Where does the "13" in Nick 13's name come from? Tier Army recently finished a west coast tour in September of 2006 opening for AFI with 3 headlining shows in between.

The primary characteristic that people born under the sign of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac are believed to exhibit is courageousness; the Tiger represents the dark side of the world in Taoism (the animalistic representation of one half of the yin-yang symbol).Davey Havok does backup vocals on the 1st two Tiger Army albums as well as the most recent "Music From Regions Beyond" and Nick 13 also does backup vocals on many of AFIs releases including Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes, The Art of Drowning, Sing the Sorrow and "December Underground".Nick 13 has also often joined AFI onstage, most recently at the Long Beach Arena in September, 2006 where the "I Have A Voice" DVD was filmed to sing "A Single Second" with them.The price of this courage is often loneliness, or being misunderstood.If you can relate to that, you might relate to where we're coming from.

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