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The move came despite Mr Mansfield making it clear that he had written the essay in a personal capacity, and was advancing the arguments as an intellectual exercise rather than as a policy recommendation.He had also obtained prior clearance from his employers at the British Embassy in Manila, where he is director of trade and investment.I guess the Borgrstom family had no concept at all of how significant ABU would become over the next 5 decades and little thought was given to inventory control, numbering models etc as they concentration was on just making the best!

I am unsure why, but suspect it may have had to do with these models staying on the original production line/stamping process, while new equipment may have been employed for the newer production reels??The antics of the British High Commission are almost (but not quite) laughable, and the Poms must have been a bit miffed that their embassy was mainly staffed by Aussies and Yanks with weak accents. Sean Connery puts in a tolerable performance but all too little, too late for this film. In all, don't bother, but if you must, there are worse things you could do.In any case, the idea definitely held promise, it just didn't eventuate. It was fairly simple and just moth and year were reversed so the year of production were the first two numbers in the indentification string eg 730900 meaning produced in 1973, September , first run.All this said we can find MANY variations to the rules! I'm sure a whole book could be written on the topic an who knows, maybe one will be forthcoming one day.

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