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In most Mac apps, just select text and right-click on it to see the text options.

Hover over the option to capitalize the first letter of every word.

The string with the very first word of the string capitalized.

For the precise meaning of "word" see the word_list built-in. If you specify two parameters, then the 1st parameter is interpreted as a Java regular expression, and if it doesn't match the beginning of the string, then the string specified as the 2nd parameter is added before the string.

And, for a bonus, if you need to also pluralize your text—to turn Whether you're writing an essay or auto-publishing your blog posts—or anything else where capitalization matters—these tricks and apps can get your text looking the way you want automatically.

But your titles will be capitalized—and that might not be your Tweet style.

Or say you want to write your blog posts in Evernote, and then have Zapier publish them on Word Press automatically.

For example there (i.e., regular expression mode), you rarely need this.

One notable case is when you don't want the 1st parameter to be interpreted as a regular expression, only as plain text, but you want the comparison to be case-insensitive, in which case you would use Escapes the value with the current output format, and prevents the auto-escaping of the returned value (to avoid double escaping).

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