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I don’t blame the vendors, they are doing what they are supposed to be doing :-). when the clouds are done with their patching, then I have to patch my instances and reboot them too. This news was buried among many other news, but I felt that it deserves more people knowing about it.It is about “fair use” of publicly available web content.Anyone having issue getting warranty service for their solar panel converter? My system was installed in mid 2010, and one of the converter had failed. As a long time Amazon Prime customer, I have 2FA turns on.It’s the only one reporting low/no voltage for the past 4 weeks. It look like Enphase is not geared to support home end users. Unfortunately, my installer had gone out of business a few years ago. It’s the usual send a code to my phone, with the fall back is to run an authenticator app on the phone and enter code from that app. Except that phone happens to be my work phone, and now that I am no longer working there, I do not have the phone anymore. In my defense, I did remember to update all other online accounts to use my personal phone. Last night, Friday, after coming home from my last day at $WORK.However, it has not gotten wide acceptance yet outside of the blog communities.

I asked to escalate to his manager, his answer was because he could not verify that I am who I said I am, he can not escalate and can not help me….Unlike aggregators, browsers will not save the news if you don't check on them every day.Finally, on a more professional level, some websites will aggregate news from different sources onto a single site. While you could theoretically write an RSS file by hand and update it regularly, writing XML manually is a tedious task.What is “fair use” and when can content be restricted. A small company called hi Q is locked in a high-stakes battle over Web scraping with Linked In.It’s a fight that could determine whether an anti-hacking law can be used to curtail the use of scraping tools across the Web.

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