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Hundreds of additional research papers based on the ACE Study have also been published.The 10 ACEs the researchers measured: — Physical, sexual and verbal abuse. — A family member who is: — Witnessing a mother being abused.They also keep glucose levels high to provide enough energy for the heart and muscles to act quickly; this can lead to type 2 diabetes.Too much adrenaline and cortisol can also increase cholesterol.ACE Study video — Three-minute trailer for a four-hour CD of interviews with ACEs researchers produced by the Academy on Violence and Abuse.

It increases heart rate and the amount of stress hormones in the body, but they return to normal levels quickly. Too much stress – toxic stress – occurs when that raging bear comes home from the bar every night, says pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris.

Biomedical researchers say that childhood trauma is biologically embedded in our bodies: Children with adverse childhood experiences and adults who have experienced childhood trauma may respond more quickly and strongly to events or conversations that would not affect those with no ACEs, and have higher levels of indicators for inflammation than those who have not suffered childhood trauma.

This wear and tear on the body is the main reason why the lifespan of people with an ACE score of six or higher is likely to be shortened by 20 years.

Toxic stress is the kind of stress that can come in response to living for months or years with a screaming alcoholic father, a severely depressed and neglectful mother or a parent who takes out life’s frustrations by whipping a belt across a child’s body.

Harvard University Center on the Developing Child Video: Toxic Stress Derails Healthy Development (2 min) An Unhealthy Dose of Stress (Center for Youth Wellness white paper) The Science Behind PTSD Symptoms: How Trauma Changes the Brain Chronic toxic stress—living in a red alert mode for months or years — can also damage our bodies.

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